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Spacious Kennels with Individual Outside Areas   
Your dog will enjoy its own kennel space that is secure and will be able to access the fresh air with an open door that allows for easy access inside or outside, weather permitting.
In addition to our safety fence,  these spacious kennels provide soothing time outside at your dogs desire.  All of our kennels are safe and secure.

Our Rates

No charge for TLC!


Dogs – $40 a day (half price on second dog when they are boarded together)
Cats – $20 a day (half price on second cat when they are boarded together)

(Price includes tax)


  • 2-day minimum charge on overnight stays

  • Includes all meals and dosing of routine medication

  • Proof of current vaccinations is required: Distemper and Rabies

  • Bordatella is required.  Please not within 10 days of a nasal dose.




Daycare is available.  Our Kennel will accommodate anyone who wishes to board their animal for the day.   Sorry, we do not have playtime.


Exercise Your Dog


One-on-one staff supervised playtime for your dog in our large yard – $10 for 20 minutes, or visit your dog and exercise him or her in our yard for free during operating hours (see below)!


Operating Hours


7-days a week
9 a.m. – 12 noon
4 p.m. – 6 p.m.


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